In August 2013, my brother Christophe SION was killed by his wife Dina SYSOEVA in their apartment, in Saint-Peterburg, Russia. It was a first degree murder (after long premeditation).

Since this very day we moved heaven and earth to save Christina, the little girl of the couple, who is our niece and my goddaughter.

This fight mobilized all our energy and we had to put aside our relationships, our distractions, our habits. We had to act up. It was a question of morality for us, of life for Christina.

The murderer (Dina SYSOEVA) was sentenced to 11 years in Russia. Only 11 years for first degree murder, forgery of power of attorney on checking account of my brother, theft of 100 000 euros. There is a strong pressure from her clan to be released in one year and a half.

The judgment allowed us to learn all the horrors :

– the murder had been programmed for a long time, may be before the wedding, which was a trap for my poor brother,

– Poor little Christina stayed in the apartment while Christophe was agonizing and dying. Dina kept the body one week in August, at summer temperature. Imagine !

– Dina brought friends and Christina for a ride in a region where the remains of Christophe’s body should be found some months later. Guess the real reason of this ride ! Think how perverse this woman !

– Then, her father Victor Veniaminovitch SYSOEV came on purpose from Khabarovsk (Eastern Siberia) to help her dismember Christophe, cut into pieces, burn and dispose to wild beasts the remains of my brother. A pair of shut hancuffs and an iron bar had been left aside the remains, giving an idea of what Christophe must have suffered.

After that, Dina went out to the French Riviera at her French lover’s (since 2008), spending some « holydays » before coming back to Russia, posing as the weeping widow.

Neither the lover, nor the body snatchering father had any trouble with Russian or French justice. It’s a draw !

Faïna, Victor’s wife, became Christina’s guardian by some « bizarre » arrangement with justice and guardian service of Khabarovsk. As a woman full of hatred she makes Christina suffer an horrible psychological abuse. She suppressed every possibility of psychological help, she’s brainwashing her with outrageous slanders, and lives with Victor, considering him as « a good man » ! Try to imagine Christina’s future in this family where perversity and hatred are burning in the fire of sordid greed.

It was mandatory for us to adopt Christina, to get her out of this clan of monsters. Our file was ready, waiting for Dina’s being dismissed of her maternel rights, which was finally done.

But we received the bad news : an other judge in Khabarovsk had accepted the appeal of the murderer in such conditions that it is impossible to believe in a real justice.

Our Russian and French lawyers are working to find solutions. But time is against us. The time of dignified silence is exceeded. Dignity, morality and above all Christina’s future force us to raise our voices as loudly and as far as necessary.